Request Offers, Additional Info Invoices & Review

Hi guys,

Since it doesn’t seem possible to make an offer with a multi-payments plan and/or to accept an offer without paying immediately (eg. pay a deposit now and the balance when the service is provided or accept now and pay later), I’ve allowed vendors to make multiple offers on a request, however as soon as there’s one accepted, the other offers disappear when the user go back on its request in his account. Is there a way to still display them and be able to pay when the time will come? Also, does the expiration period for the requests means that they will be deleted from the requests page and the user account?

In addition to that, is there a way to add the message content of the offer and the vendor’s name in the order invoice?

And last thing, it doesn’t seem possible to leave a review if a user buy from accepting an offer when it’s restricted to buyers only. Is it possible to change that?

Thank you


Unfortunately there’s no option to pay for the offer in parts or pay for it later yet, but we’ll try to add more pricing and payment features with every update. Only the accepted offer is considered as “ordered and paid” so other details are hidden.

The expiration period defines how long requests are visible in search, then they are moved to Trash, and the storage period defines in how many days the requests are permanently deleted from Trash.

Currently buyers/sellers can view the linked order request via the button at the bottom, but we’ll try to integrate everything better (e.g. to display the request & offer text on the order page, or add these details to the invoice).

Thanks for reporting the “buyers only” issue with reviews and requests - only listings have reviews at the moment so we’ll try to fix this.

Thank you for your response Ihor.

In the meantime, do you think there’s a way to still display the offers received with the “Accept Offer” button in the request when it pass to “private” after an offer has been accepted?


Sorry for the delay. I checked the Requests source code and unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, once the request is paid its offers can’t be re-accepted, this would require advanced customizations.

All right, thank you.

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