Request search bar has a line in the middle where you can put keywords on either side?

For some reason the search bar on the Requests page has 2 places to put information. There’s a line separating the search bar and someone can write keywords in either location. I would like the search bar to just be a single search bar, as it is on the Listing search page. Please see below for screenshots.

Request search is 1 search bar separated by a line and you can write keywords in either space

Listing search is 1 full search bar, no line. This is what I want for the Request search.

Why is the Request search bar different? How can I change it to where it’s only 1, single search bar with no line in the middle?

Please check attributes in Requests/Attributes section, maybe there’s a custom attribute marked as Searchable? It seems that there’s an empty field and it’s either added as a custom attribute or via the extension like Geolocation.

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