Require signing the contract during vendor registration

Is there a way to have the vendors do an esignature or I agree checkbox to a contract upon creation to their profile?? I’m charging a commission and just want a way make sure the vendors know this during sign up, and agree to it before making listings. I use Stripe connect so when the guide initially signs up it redirects them back to their profile to complete everything and sign up with Stripe so I was hoping to add something in there to make sure they agree to the commission were withholding!
Thank y’all I’m advance!

Unfortunately there’s no such feature yet (it would require a custom implementation) but if I remember correctly, ticking a checkbox is enough if it’s impossible to proceed without this. Then if you have a public page with terms this is similar to signing - I worked with many online marketplaces and they never required a signature (only extra tax details confirmation in specific cases).

Okay, thank you!

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