Required vendor attributes not set with Claim Listings

How does the Vendor Attribute work please? Specifically, a user is able to click on “sign in” then the register button - at this point it does not ask for “required” vendor attributes. They can then without selecting the required attributes select “Claim listing” which then makes them a vendor - without the required attributes.

Am I missing something here? Thanks

? Any ideas anyone?

Please make sure that at least 1 require vendor attribute is created, or any of the default profile form fields is required (it’s possible with a code snippet, e.g. you can make the first or last name is required), in this case the second vendor registration step (Complete Profile) should appear. If you use Claim Listings there seems to be a bug when it’s combined with the required vendor fields, this extension was developed before the vendor attributes were introduced so when the claim is approved vendor is not promoted to complete the form - I added this to the bug tracker.

Is there a different link for “vendor registration” as the main registration link #user_login_modal pop up doesn’t ask for the extra steps if I create an account at this point using Google login? Or is it all and one the same and they just become promoted to a vendor once a listing claim is approved?

Any updates?

Yes, currently required vendor fields don’t work with Claim Listings properly since it doesn’t redirect users to the vendor registration, but if you approve a claim the user should get the vendor profile anyway, setting any user as a listing author and saving changes calls a function that checks if this user is a vendor, if not then the vendor profile is created automatically.

We’ll try to fix this as soon as possible, but even in the current version users will not be able to re-save their profile settings or add another listing without setting the required vendor attributes.

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