Responsive layout broken

Hi all,
I was hoping for some advice, I am new to HP so apologies if this has been addressed. my site is displaying featured correctly on android as per picture, but IOS the listings are stretched. any help or feedback would be appreciated

Here is the android view as could not attach 2 images to one post

Please make sure that you have the latest theme version (if you set the license key, the latest version will appear in Dashboard/Updates). If this issue persists please let me know which iPhone model or exact screen width should be checked.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply. I have just checked and the theme is up to date, I am currently testing on iPhone 13 pro Max

Thanks, it seems that this issue occurs for screens between 400px and 768px so it should be ok for other iPhone models but we added this to the bug tracker, will try to release a quick fix for this.

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