Responsive layouts

I write this post to express the need for this to be a 100% responsive app

I think the only people who use desktop PCs are us (the creators) 95% of wp templates and others are focused on the pc, not on the mobile/tablet user experience.

We create great and functional websites for PC, but it is nonsense, since purchases and use are made through mobile / tablet
What’s the point of creating a super website with the best features in the world if it’s absolutely useless…

We have to focus on the user experience (buyer) and not the “creator” (us)

If you notice any mobile layout issues, please report them in detail and we’ll fix this. Currently there are a few mobile UX issues but we’ll try to improve the mobile layout with every update.

At the moment the only problem I find is in the design of the “calendar”, the numbers are shown very close together.
The sticky topbar would be strictly necessary, I insist that the user experience on a mobile device is the most important
I have tried the plugin that you recommend in other posts for sticky, but it is not nice, it does not work well.
For example, take a look at the flatsome template, it’s impressive how it works in responsive mode, I think its hive press only needs to add small details to make it almost perfect

The Hivepress is a wonderful tool, but you have to focus more on the user and not on the creator, the user (buyer) is the most important, they are the ones with the money!!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations for the good work!!!

Thanks, we’ll consider adding sticky header and improve the calendar UX on mobile.

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