Restrict features to different levels


Is it possible to restrict certain features for certain users?

I want that any user can add listings to my site without paying anything. But with a free listing they only can upload a title, images and add a description.

But when they have a paid plan they are able to add more text to the listing and also have that Message button on the listing and more attributes.

I’m ok with manually approving new listings.

Is there a way to achieve this with the current theme, plugins and extensions?

Thank you

I’m also ok with setting the user level for each new user manually. Like this user has a free account and this user has a paid plan.

The payment is happening outside of the platform with a separate payment processing service, so I have to set and approve everything manually anyway.

Unfortunately there’s no such feature yet but we have it on the roadmap, we plan to release a common monetization extension for HivePress (merging Paid Listings and Memberships), with attribute-specific restrictions and other features.

Is there a specific deadline when you gonna release this new extension?

This is really important for me and without it my website won‘t work as intended.

Thank you for your efforts

I’m also looking forward to this update!

Sorry, there’s no ETA for this feature yet, but we’re currently scaling our team so the development will speed up for sure.

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