Restrict reviews to buyers

Hi there team HP.

When enabling Restrict reviews to buyers reviews can’t be submitted. Error Only buyers can submit reviews.
This happens to both WP Contributor and Subscriber type accounts.
When disabling Restrict reviews to buyers, reviews can be submitted, but ideally we’d like to restrict review submission to Buyers as should be the case when enabling the option.

Any ideas as to the possible problem?


Please note that this option requires at least one completed order between the user and this listing, then they can leave a review.

I am having the opposite problem.

I can not see in Hivepress where I can restrict reviews only to buyers, but I do have the setting enabled in Woocommerce. Can you let me know how to achieve this functionality?

  • James

HivePress - Settings - Orders tab - First section is Restrictions and there you find the option Restrict reviews to buyers
to Buyers.


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