Restrict Vendor Attributes via Membership

I choose Restriction for all settings in Vendor Attributes but I still can play the audio of the vendor

Please try viewing this page as a new user, admins have no restrictions. The audio player should be replaced with the “Reveal Attribute” link. Also, make sure that you selected this attribute for any of the membership plans in Memberships/Plans.

I am viewing it as not a logged in user still it is showing

Please make sure that you added specific attributes to any plan in Membership/Plans (and that this plan is not specific to listing categories, or the listing you’re viewing matches the plan categories). Attributes added to a plan are considered “restricted” because this way you define which attributes the plan should reveal when purchased.

No, I didn’t add any specific attribute to any plan. There are only two plans Free (INR 0) and Premium (Paid Amount) linked to WooCommerce.

And yet the audio player is visible and it can be played

Please edit any plan and add this attribute that displays the audio player to a plan, only in this case the attribute visibility will be restricted (with this plan, once it’s purchased the attribute will be revealed).

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