Restricting Bookings to Verified Hosts?


Is there a way to restrict booking features only to verified hosts?

Right now anyone can submit a spot to my website, but they’re automatically listed as reservable/bookable… which I don’t want. I only want them to be bookable once I have the right owner associated with the space. For example a user submits a business they know of to be added to the network, but the spot shouldn’t be reservable until I transfer ownership to the correct business owner. Until then, the spot is just listed as a user submission for others to find and rate (no booking widget or price/hr).

Just asking if there’s an easy way to hide/separate the booking features without using the categories, because in my case the categories should stay the same (ex: cafe, brewery, store) but there’d be both bookable and non bookable spaces within each category.

Thanks so much!

There are two possible solutions:

  • Enable Manually approve new listings setting in HivePress/Settings/Listings. Then it is needed to approve each new listing which is tried to add to your website. Until your approvement listing will be invisible to every user except the owner of the listing

  • Add listing category Verified, for example, and then set this category in Booking Categories setting in HivePress/Settings/Bookings. Then booking functionality will work for only listings in this category

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