Reviews are shown between descriptions and primary page attributes in portrait mode in mobile devices

When users view listing page,Reviews are shown between descriptions, attributes and primary page in vertical portrait mode in mobile devices.
When there are lot of comments, it’s annoying visitors because they want read listing descriptions not comments.

How to solve this in portrait mode. I want reviews are shown in the end of page after vendor profile block.

Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists.

If the issue persists and if it is possible please share the link on your website

It’s Hivepress default theme issue. I’ve try this issue with demo site.
Please check below link and screenshot with highlights
—> If one list has 50 reviews and it has 10 customized attributes and you assign attributes to shown in “Primary Page”
Website visitors can’t see attributes at first sight after reading descriptions and they must first read 50 reviews or pass it.

***Actually it’s not standard UI/UX design and reviews must shown at the end of page after descriptions or under vendor profile box in vertical portrait mode on mobile :iphone:

It happens on vertical portrait mode on tablet and some mobile devices on portrait mode.

Thanks, we’ll fix this as soon as possible, most likely via the Reviews update (e.g. to collapse the Reviews section on mobile and allow expanding it, or moving Reviews to a separate tab).

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Thank you, please add it to your high priority update roadmaps for Hivepress reviews plugin.

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