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Hi Guys, I’m having issues with the reviews not showing on listings. I can see that the reviews have been submit as I have notifications in comments. But, when I go in to the comments section nothing shows for approval. I’ve disabled all plugins to see if any conflict but I’m at a loss as to where to go next? I don’t have many plugins so the only place I can see a possible conflict is with the wordpress comments. Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile: as I’m growing frustrated!

It doesn’t show up on comments only the notifications of them.

You have to go to your wp home and then admin dashboard. Scroll down and you will see all the comments made by reviews and can approve or edit them there.

Thanks for the response aqmiami7 but I don’t see anything appearing on my admin dashboard other than the comments tab that has notifications. Should I be seeing something relating to reviews on the admin dashboard or is the review section hidden away somewhere?

Found it! I’ve never used the dashboard in this way before but after your message I decided to delve deeper into the dashboard. Thanks for helping me think differently! All the best

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