Saving changes after hiding a listing changes its status to pending

My problem is that when users want to hide a listing and click on he save changes button it means i have to accept the listing again and when I do the listing is shown again to all user (so not hidden)

So my question is: Could you write me a code so I can add a text to the save changes button which says something like :“please do not click on this button if you only want to hide the listing” or maybe a note that pops up if you click on the hide listing button "Your listing ist hidden now. Do not click on save changes button if you only want to hide the listing. "


If you mean the hide button as shown on the screenshot Awesome Screenshot, then the status changes to pending only if you have a moderated listing attribute (Awesome Screenshot), otherwise, the other status does not change to pending.

Thank you so much! Realized that I had one moderated listing attribute. Now it works fine but doesnt that mean, that vendors could only buy one listing and change it to a completely different one as long as it hasn’t reached it’s expiry date?

Yes, but they can’t change the listing category and the publication date will not change (so the listing will not appear at the top again), and renewals also reduce the listing package limit if you use Paid Listings.

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