Saving credit card info in Stripe when running through WooCommerce?

As anyone else run into an issue with Stripe such that credit card information (i.e. the number and billing info) isn’t saved in Stripe because of the WooCommerce integration? I contacted Stripe and they mentioned the ability to save the card details at purchase and charge later as needed i.e. for damage, late fees, etc., only works when directly integrated into a website (i.e. not run through WooCommerce). Is it possible to do this? TIA!


Thank you for the detailed information.

But this is most likely a problem with Stripe and WooCommerce. We use HivePress integration with WooCommerce to accept payments.

Therefore, we recommend that you contact WooCommerce support or their documentation for additional information.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thanks, Andrii - I did contact WooCommerce but they say that don’t have that capability with their Stripe for WooCommerce.

But since Stripe itself DOES have that capability, I’m wondering if it’s possible to just have Stripe integrated with Hivepress and bypass WooCommerce somehow?

Unfortunately there’s no such option at the moment because Stripe is a payment service, while WooCommerce creates and managed orders, tracks payment and order statuses etc. We’ll try to develop a more lightweight solution to replace WooCommerce though.

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