Search Alert - number range


I’ve installed the Search Alert plugin and I believe there is a flaw in the search filter with the number range control.

I know it’s designed the way it is, to show the min and max of the number field but from the search alert point of view, the user wants to add an alert for some of the fields including all the new listing which will be added with the number greater or lower then the ones that are currently set when the search alert is activated but all the range number fields are automatically added to the alert, even if the user wants it or not.
And all the new listing not covering those ranges will not be showed, which renders the alert serverly flawed, maybe even useless in mayority of the cases.
Especially regarding the price.
Personally, I think the numbers range on the filter should be left empty, and not populated with the current min max values.
I know this issue (prepopulated range numbers) has been discussed before on the forum and that hivepress devs think it’s good practice but I think we should at least have the setting to use the not prepopulated values or the slider with min max


Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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