Search Alert Via Mailchimp

How can l direct search alert to Mailchimp, sending customised mail to the user when new listings fit their criteria?

As far as I know Mailchimp is not fully suitable for transactional emails, it’s used mainly for mailing lists (newsletters), but you can check a plugin like YaySMTP, it has integration with a few mailing services. You can also customize email on the HivePress side, by overriding it in HivePress/Emails section.

Thank you, under HivePress/Emails which option do l select for SEARCH ALERTS?

Please select the Listings Found one.

Thank you, I managed to customize the email notification. However, the tokens are very limited.

I am trying to send emails where the listing category is also visible on the alert.

How do l do that



Unfortunately, there are no other available tokens, and adding them will require a custom implementation.

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