Search box of City/State Instead of having to pay for API

I have done all the things on my site to get it started to launch my classifieds site. Until I delved into what it may cost me in using the search location function via API. ASTRONOMICAL. I’m petrified in even launching my site because of the potential cost the API (both Google and Mapbox) could cost me. I do not need the map at all, just the search/filter location.

ALL I want is for that Location search field to have a population of a handful of City/State options in the USA (hopefully something I could populate/edit myself) that requires no API

I am very curious why there are not more of your customers concerned by the cost of the api, this must effect business greatly and be a huge deterrent to potential new customers (unless they simply dont know any better)


Unfortunately, there are currently no other solutions besides Google Maps or MapBox, so we can’t provide more details. All other options will require custom integration.

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