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Is it possible to have a search bar and filter option that is visible in categories (the search bar has a date range, and the filter also has a date range as well as other attributes that I have added, like price etc) and have the same one visible in All Listings?
For me, it is an unnecessary step and very confusing. Having the option to search by date and quickly filter while still in view All Listings will be perfect.

I need this view:

In a place where I have this view:

If it’s a custom Date attributes there are 2 options, you can mark it as Filterable (to add to the sidebar filters form) or Searchable (to add it to the main search bar). You can also make it categry-specific by assigning categories to it, but in this case it’ll appear only if this category is being searched.

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You are genius ihor. That was so easy:)

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