Search function always reset the filters

When i have add the search function it always reset the filters if i make any change.
When the user does choose all at one the search on top attributes and and the same time does choose filters on the bottom left the filters are reset and empty after clicking on search.

The expected result would be that the top right search works together with the filters on the bottom left so for example i set something in the search and have filters active they stay active just like if everything would be in the filter bar when i just remove one option all the others stay active and dont get blank suddenly.

Is this a bug? is it planned to change this so that all the search/and filter fields are saved and in sync? or this is not planned in the next months?

thank you in advance

it is the same with the live demo

if you choose any filter and AFTER this you search for example for brooklyn than it just resets


This is how it works by default. When the main search bar is resubmitted, it is assumed that the user is looking for something new, so the other filters are reset.

This logic is also used on other sites, such as

But thank you for your feedback. We will think about improving the UI/UX.

yes thank you, would be a nice add but i understand it is not easy.
it would be a great unique selling point

thank you for the fast response, so we know how to continue with our development

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