Searching listings by ZIP code

I am using Hivepress’s Directory plugin. This has been the best one I have found. However, I would like my users to have the ability to search a business by zip code. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? I have used other directory themes and plugins in the past. I can’t figure out why the ‘Search’ feature wouldn’t have this; especially in a directory app. How can I optimize 'search options and results to give visitors a better user experience? My directory is a niche directory, therefore the ability to locate a business near them is the most important function. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or solutions.
***Sidenote- The string ‘location’ that’s displayed within the search bar is a bit confusing. When visitors see it and decide to use their location zip code, no results show. I replaced the string ‘location’ in the past with the strings 'Enter City & State", using Loco Translate. That seemed like the best solution since search results will respond to a City & State search (if the city & state is the directory’s list), but it somehow changed the string back to ‘location’, and I don’t remember how I did it or what Youtube video I watched that helped me. I also don’t like that if the user’s city and state aren’t in the database, it doesn’t show a business that’s the closest or at least in the same state. Would I need another Google API for a ‘near me’ option?

Please make sure that the API for the selected map provider (Google or Mapbox) is selected correctly, then the location search should be ok for any location-related query (ZIP code, state, city, street, etc), especially if you limited search to a specific country in HivePress/Settings/Geolocation.
For example, searching listings by 10018 (Ney Work ZIP code) on the demo site seems to suggest the correct result. We’ll also improve this by adding multiple region search levels (currently these are restricted to the country, state, county and city, also any exact addresses).

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