Security deposit

I would like to set up a rental system with security deposit, can we do that with the Marketplace extension? I saw a few threads on the subject but didn’t quite understand.

For example, if you charge for 50$ a day, but you want a 500$ security deposit, how to debit only $50 but have an authorization to debit $500 in the event of a dispute

Thanks !


This feature is only available with the Bookings extension (you can enable it in HivePress > Settings > Bookings > Price > Security Deposit (It allows charge an extra amount and then refund it once the booking is over. The refund is processed automatically only if the payment gateway supports this).

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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Is there a way to hold the deposit rather than take it as part of the payment?
Any snippet that could do this?


As far as I know, there’s no easy way to do this because payment services have their expirations for holding funds, e.g., PayPal allows this for up to 40 days (so making a booking that ends later than 40 days from today wouldn’t be possible, the deposit would be returned earlier).

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