Select listing image from WP Media Library

When I add a listing, and I click on “Select images” it opens the Windows open file dialog box. This means that if I want to use the same image for several listings I would need to upload the same image several times, using up the space on the server.

Can you please fix it so that it brings up the WP Media Library dialog box so I can select an image that I’ve previously uploaded to Wordpress?

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There’s no such feature if you add listings via the back-end form, but we’ll consider adding it, thanks. I highly recommend uploading unique images per listing because sharing images may cause issues (e.g. if you delete a listing, its images will also be deleted which may affect other listings).

Thanks for getting back to me, ihor.

I would prefer it allow me to reuse images, and not delete listing images if they are in use, or at all.

It’s a shame that it’s not an option because if I have a listing without an image then I want to re-use one of a handful of default images.

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Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding an option to attach existing images and improve the back-end editing UX.

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