Seller not paid out through Stripe due to Insufficient Funds

Something is wrong with my setup and I can’t figure out what it is. My hosts are not getting their payouts from Stripe. They have a valid account with Stripe and their banking information is entered.

I am confused and could use some help.


Please make sure that payouts are configured correctly on the HivePress side:

If you want to enable automated payouts on your website, you can set up Stripe Connect by following these steps:

  1. Create your company’s main Stripe Connect account via the Stripe website.

  2. Set its API key in the HivePress > Settings > Integrations > Stripe section (follow the Stripe docs to get the API key).

  3. Select Stripe Connect as the payout system in the HivePress > Settings > Payouts section.

Now vendors will have to create a linked express account while they add their first listing (or via the Set Up Stripe Payouts link in their account), and the profile completion form will redirect them to Stripe onboarding. Then all the earnings from completed orders will be automatically processed.

If everything is set up correctly, I recommend contacting Stripe support or their documentation.

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