Send a notification after the user is deleted

General question: I tried to create an account, then delete it to check if an account cancellation confirmation email arrives. But the user does not receive any notice that his account has been duly deleted from the site. There should be the function that for the Privacy law indicates that the account with all its data has been correctly deleted, sending data such as email, telephone, and all data that the user entered during registration by accepting Privacy Policy. How can we solve this problem? Thanks for your help.

Please send more details about this issue, is sending all the data a requirement in GDPR or just erasing all data is enough? If it’s required we can add this to the upcoming HivePress updates, adding an email notification and a CSV file of user field values.

Esportazione dei dati personali da tronchi – WordPress security plugin, malware removal, and anti-spam.

to understand the export process linked to a user who cancels his account I found this link. The text should state: “Dear User, your account has been successfully deleted and all your data listed in this file has been deleted from our server”.

Thanks, we’ll research this further and add a notification to the upcoming updates.

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