"Send Message" button color

Hi there,

I have noticed that the “Send Message” button has different colors on Listing page and Booking page.
On the Listing page it has Secondary Color, but on the Booking page it has Primary Color.

Is there a way to have it consistent?

Thank you.

Color setup.
Screenshot 2023-05-18 092043

Listing page - OK
Screenshot 2023-05-18 092211

Booking page - not OK
Screenshot 2023-05-18 092108


Please use this CSS snippet:

.hp-listing__action--message.button.button--secondary.button--large {
	background-color: purple;
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Hi Andrii,

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. The color on Listing page is OK. The one on Booking page is not correct. Could you provide me with the snippet to fix that? Thank you.

This color is intended (on the booking page it’s a primary action, while on the listing page booking is the primary one), but you can try this CSS snippet instead:

.hp-template--booking-view-page .hp-listing__action--message {
	background-color: purple!important;
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Thank you Ihor for the snippet, it works.

But, when I click on it to write an actual message it changes back to primary color. Is there a snippet to fix that one as well. I know it is not a major issue, but the inconsistency looks a bit unprofessional.

Screenshot 2023-05-25 215138

Thank you for your support!

Yes, in the context of the modal window this button is the primary action so it has primary color, we tried following the UX guidelines. If you want to change it you can try this CSS snippet:

.hp-listing--view-page .hp-form--message-send .hp-form__button {
	background-color: purple!important;
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