Sending SMS

I see that it is possible to send SMS messages using WP Forms with twilio. I was wondering 2 things. Right now when an account is created it does not ask for a phone number. Is it possible to update that to ask for one? Next when a booking is maybe with the Rental Hive theme an email is sent. I would like to also send a text message to the number they provided. How would I go about adding that?

I figured out how to get the phone number in the settings for the User account by adding it as an attribute. So now I am just looking for some guidance on how I can wire in the phone number for when a property is booked so that it will kick off a SMS. I think using WPForms and Twilio I can handle the SMS itself, but I am not able to figure out how to wire it to the booking button, or say the message button so that they will receive a SMS.


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