SEO configuration

Hi, which is the best configuration in your SEO extension…to show the listings and vendors, same like this example?

Please send more details about the issue, do you mean showing vendor names with a separator after the listing titles?

For listings…Same to the full example… build with images and test description same to the example.
Can you tell me the configuration to show same?

These are the Schema details, if you mean extras like rating, images, etc. embedded into the search results. Please choose the best Schema type for your listings in HivePress/Settings/Listing/SEO, then you can edit listing attributes and map them to Schema properties. Ratings should be added by default if you also have HivePress reviews installed.

Where can I find information about schemas?
For you which is the best configuration to copy like this example?
If I have not installed Rank Mach plugin, only intalled your Seo Plugin, can google show metal tille pages, logos, etc…?

sincerilly I can not find the way Google index my site.

There’s no common configuration, this depends on your site niche and entities represented by listings. Please choose a schema type on and select it in HivePress/Settings/Listings/SEO, then edit attributes in Listings/Attributes and map them to schema properties. Some properties are populated automatically, e.g. rating (if you use Reviews) or location (if you use Geolocation).

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