SEO friendly urls for combined region/places not possible?

The theme is very interesting, but what is very important for us is to make combined region/places pages with SEO friendly url.
For example new-york/real-estate
Is this possible?
If this is not possible there is no way to rank for good possitions on combination like this, so I really hope so.


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Totally. That’s my only hesitation with the theme currently. It is such a great theme but I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use -
We added the location as an attribute and then had the parameters accept them to append it to the url - but it didn’t seem very legit, especially if we want to add country + city.

@Dee how did you had the paramets accept them to append it to the url? I’m looking for a solution for the same problem.

My developer customized the plugin to accept country, then he said he was going to change at query level to get the proper result.
We did part of it today but it seemed like a complicated solution that none of us are very convinced about. I’m looking for a better solution too.

Btw, I asked this 2 weeks ago and the authors suggested the below solution but we couldn’t really implement it right: Permalink structure with two variables? - #4 by andrii

Ok, it seems this will be hard for us to do.
I was thinking… for us it’s ok to make pages manually. Since we only have 2 categories and at first only 20 locations.
Is it possible we make categories + subcategories ourselves, and insert the results in some whey.
For example we make a page ‘CATEGORIENAME’ and under this page we make the subcategories ‘LOCATION_A’ ‘LOCATION_B’ etc.
And maybe with a shortcode or some insert automatically al the relevant locations on a subcategorie page?

Yeah, that’s what we did now. I had to narrow down the project just for this but now have only a few categories and the rest are non-repetitive sub-categories (cities of different countries).
It’s like:
(Cancun, Chicago are sub-categories under their respective parent categories)

Then we adjusted the listing page url to be – site/category/sub-category

If anyone finds a better way to use site/category/location - please share.

Unfortunately, there is no code snippet solution as it is WordPress-level issue, which is also discussed on the WordPress support forum Using same category slug within different categories |

Currently, the solution with category and subcategories is optimal in that case.

Yes, wordpress standard structure is category/post but maybe a plugin like Permalink Manager can take care of this issue.

Hey @mbevia , thanks for sharing about Jreviews. I checked it out but I really like Hivepress for how neat and easy it is.

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