SEO plugin suggestions

  1. does anyone preferred set up settings for a rental marketplace?

  2. does it inputs those seo setttings in the hivepress plugin upon all listings etc?


Sorry for the late reply.

Please clarify your question. What issues do you have?

Wouldnt call it much of an issue, ive bought the seo plugin.

Thing is idk what to put in to maximize the seo of my website.

Suggestions would be the same as for any other WordPress-powered website, e.g. you can create a niche blog (to get organic traffic via keywords), optimize articles with Rank Math or Yoast, etc. If you use our SEO extension you can also set up Schema for listings, to let Google know what exactly listings mean (e.g. something to sell, or to rent) and match the search queries better. I recommend using Rank Math + following one of their tutorials.

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