Separate Commission % From Total Purchase


As I’m yet to launch my website and test this with live transactions, I’m wondering how the commission and total purchase are separate. For example, if a user pays $500 for something through Woocommerce’s PayPal method and I charge a 10% commission, does all $500 go into the PayPal account and I just have to remember that the vendor can withdraw $450 ($500-$50 commission)? If so, this will make it extremely difficult to keep track of and effectively withdraw profits while trying not to over-withdraw and leave vendors unable to request proper payouts.

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Yes, all the initial payments are sent to you via the methods set up in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments. You don’t have to remember the balances for vendors, e.g. if you set a 10% commission and there’s a payment of $100, you get $100 to your PayPal account while the vendor sees $90 on their website balance (once the order is marked as Completed). Then, after the minimum payout amount is reached (you can define it in settings), the vendor can request a payout (via the link under the balance). The payout requests appear in the WordPress/Payouts section as “pending”. You can process payouts depending on your site terms, e.g. some marketplaces process these on the 15th of the following month. Once you make a payout payment manually, mark the request as “published” instead of “pending”.
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