Separate registration forms and adding custom fields

Hi, i bought the Jobhive theme this week, but i have two questions.

  1. How can i separate the registration process between job seekers and new companies?

  2. How can i add new fields to the forms? I would like to ask different questions to job seekers and new companies

For example: Job seekers: What’s your specialism? / Upload resume etc.

For example: New companies: What’s your company website? / How many people are you planning in the next 12 months? etc.


In JobHive, all users are registered via the same basic form but the account type depends on the user actions. For example, if a user tries to list a job and it’s approved by the admin, they get a company profile. You can require custom details from companies by adding attributes in Companies/Attributes section. If you mark attributes as Editable and Required, users trying to list a job will have to fill in these details (there will be an extra Complete Profile step in the listing process).

Unfortunately there’s no such option for job seekers yet because regular users don’t have front-end profile pages in the current version, but if you enable message attachments then job seekers can upload their CVs when sending a message via the Apply Now button.

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