Service fee/custom tax in WooCommerce workaround

I read in previous posts about the ability to add a service fee % via the tax feature in WooCommerce. Has this been tested and confirmed? I attempted to add in my own but it is not showing up upon checkout (though the regular 7% PST tax does).

Please make sure that a custom tax you added has no country or other restrictions, if you added a global rate it should be added to any checkout total.

Yes thank you, I have done so as below but it does not seem to want to add it to checkouts.

Please try these solutions

  1. Please try to set different priorities for taxes
  2. Please Display tax totals option in WooCommerce/Settings/Tax. There is should be an Itemized option as selected to display each tax separately on the checkout page

Yay, thank you Yevhen - it now displays properly, though the service fee is not applied on the extra fee (Lender delivery), just the base fee. Is there a way to include it?

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution, it requires advanced customization by checking WooCommerce documentation/tutorials about taxes

OK thank you!

Hi Yevhen,

Sorry to bother about this again. I’ve been communicating with WooCommerce quite a bit around what can be done for this, but they are uncertain given we’re using a third-party theme. Is there perhaps someone on your team who could be hired to do this, or is it out of scope? Many thanks!

Yes, if only a few adjustments are required please submit the requirements here and we’ll try to estimate the implementation

Thank you! Submitted.

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