Service fee discount

Hi. I have added service fee that shows up when the guest goes to checkout. I want all guests to get discount on the whole service fee. How can I make an automatic discount for that?


If it’s a global discount, please try setting it up in WooCommerce settings. If WooCommerce has no feature for this, there may be a workaround if you create a negative tax with a custom name (also via WooCommerce settings).

This is what it looks like in the checkout. The Service fee is a commission fee on HivePress settings. I want it to show a 12% fee at checkout. And the Tax is the 25% tax I added in the WooCommerce settings and I also want it to appear in the checkout. How do I make the two items reduced in the checkout so the guests gets it for free?

I created negative tax and it worked. Thanks. But how to get discount for the whole Service fee?

Sorry for the delay. I assume that the only way is adjusting the negative tax, to cover the service fee and reduce the total by the service fee percentage.

Yes, I had to do that. Thanks

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