Set default booking settings and hide them for editing


sorry for the next question. I have tried to use following solution to preset the same values as the OG thread creator: How can I set a default value for a listing attribute and hide it from listing creation - #4 by yevhen

However, I have tried to inject it into our functions.php but it is not working, most likely because we are editing the infos on a profile level, e.g. /submit-listing/profile/

How can I adjust the snippet?

Thanks a lot!


We recommend that you do not edit the theme files directly, but use a child theme or third-party plugins for this purpose, please check this doc How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi there,

sorry maybe I have communicated clearly enough. We have those things setup on a vendor level and not on a listing level, so the code snippet needs to be adjusted most likely. I have tried to find the respective form-model, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Help is very appreciated.


Please try using the same PHP snippets you sent the link to above, but specify vendor instead of listing in the two hooks.

Hey there,

just tried that, however whenever I want to create a listing and get redirected to /submit-listing/profile/

it still shows me all the fields, which are still editable. Also how can I remove them completely from the frontend?

Thanks a lot

Sorry for the late reply. The code snippets seem to be ok, please try setting a lower priority for the second snippet (via a comma after the function), e.g. 100000.

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