Set up OAunth as test or as production for Analytics plugin?


To set up the analytics in hivepress I need to grant access to google in the last step. However, if the OAuth is in test mode I have two option :

1st : Stay in test mode and add my google account as an admin of OAuth

2nd : Go in production mode.

What mode should I choose to make google analytics and others google services works for my users ?

Thanks in advance.

Cordially, Zak.

If you don’t use Social Login then you can keep it in test mode, since the production mode is required only if you want to allow third-party users (not the app admins) to authenticate via the Google OAuth window.

I have also Social Login available. But i tried and it worked in test mode. Should I go for production mode ?

Please try it with a third-party Google account (e.g. ask a friend to sign up or if you have another GMail account which is not set as the OAuth app admin), if I remember correctly the test mode allows only admins for testing purposes, but to collect third-party account profile details and emails (required for creating an account via Social Login) switching to production is required.

Oh okay ! Thank you for the informations. I’ll go in production mode

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