Set up Stripe Connect before publishing any listings

Hi there,

I’m in the process of setting up payments, and I’ll need to use Stripe.

API : Ok
User redirection for configuration : Ok

The only thing I’d like is to make the Stripe Configuration Optional on listing page.

In fact, when a user want to add a listing, he have to configure his Stripe Account BEFORE be able to publish something.

The idea is to authorize users to publish first, and ask them to configure their Stripe Account when they want to process a Checkout.

Is it possible ?

Thank you


It should actually work this way by default - please try testing this as a new user. The Stripe redirect should occur in the Complete Profile form, it appears before the listing Add Details form.

Hi ihor,

As a new user, I can’t publish anything without going through stripe.
The next button “go to stripe” is used before publishing.

The idea is to let the seller publish freely, build up a balance and then switch to stripe to remove it.

When I think about it, I think it makes sense that money can only be received if it has a recipient.

I still maintain my question just in case, can we let publish with the minimum account info without setting stripe, which will be only on the dashboard ?

Sorry for the confusion. There’s no such option yet, a linked Stripe account is required for vendors to create their account and publish the first listing, since it can already be published for sale and if someone buys it there will be no payout method, the order completion will fail.

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