Setting the Commission Rate?

Just wondering how the commission rate works? I’ve been playing around with it but never end up with the right calculation.

Here’s what I’m trying to do on checkout:

  • have a base price (ex: $5)
  • charge a user service fee (5%,with woocommerce extension)
  • charge taxes on top of that (13%)

And for payouts:

  • host receives 90% of base price (charge a 10% host fee)

The tricky thing is, if I assign a commission rate, it seems to be taking a percentage of the TOTAL PRICE (including taxes and service fee) instead of just being applied to the base price. The result is that the host’s payout is more than the price of their listing (as they’re getting 90% of the total price). Is this how it’s supposed to work or is there a different way of achieving what I’m looking to do?

Please set the host commission rate in HivePress/Settings/Hosts/Selling section (e.g. set 10 to charge 10%, hosts will get 90% of the booking price). Also, un-check the “Include taxes…” checkbox there. You can add the customer fee as a custom tax (e.g. named “Service fee”), it will not be included in the commission calculations. For example, if you set the host commission to 10%, and the service fee to 5%, and there’s a booking of $100:

  1. Customer will pay $105 on checkout.
  2. You’ll get this payment via the gateways set up in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments.
  3. Host will see $90 on their balance, and they can ask for a payout as soon as the minimum allowed amount is reached (this can be set in HivePress/Settings/Payouts).

Hope this helps.

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