Setting up attributes for the Make and Model selection

Hi Guys!
I am trying to make a conditional field based on the Brand of the car.
For example for the brand Toyota the model should display only “Corolla” and “Prius”.

The brand field is an atribute with options and the model is also an attribute with options set. How can I link this options together in such way that when choosing an option from the next field will show only the relevant models. Right now it’s showing all the models.
I know the answer to my problem is related to this sentence. I just can’t figure out how to apply it.
“If you want to make some Select attribute dependant on other Select attribute there’s also a workaround if you use a single Select attribute with hierarchical options.”


Do you mean the following? Are this hierarchical options or is something else?

Yes, in the current version creating two dependent Select fields is not possible unless one of them is the listing category. If you already created a single Select attribute for the Make/Model with hierarchical options (the one on your screenshot seems to be ok, it lists makes as parent options and models as child options, so it’s not possible to select BMW > Logan.

To display both values, please try this display format: %parent_value% %value%. Then selecting Toyota > Corolla will just display Toyota Corolla on the listing page.

Helped me a lot to put things in perspective.

I have now categories instead of options. I created an attribute “Model” for the “BMW” category. The things is that the attribute is only displaying after I hit the search button.


And after:

I even tried to create an attribute and assign it to all the categories. Still show only those three. Location, keyword and All categories.

Any idea how this could be solved?

Sorry for the confusion, currently category-specific attributes are not refreshed instantly when the category changes, so this solution is probably not ok, in this case I recommend using a single multi-level attribute, this way users can select a Make/Model within a single field, and the Model is always unique for its parent Make.

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