Setting-up auto-updating copyright notice

I am a user of HivePress and the ListingHive theme.
I would like to set up my copyright notice to auto-update each year. Currently, the copyright is in the Site Identity > Copyright Notice. It is static text, for example, “© 2023 MySite. All Rights Reserved.”
On other WP sites I have been able to add a variable to the current year in a format such as <current_year> or similar.
How can I implement an auto-updating copyright notice on my site?
Does HivePress have this feature?
Your help is much appreciated!


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation.

Also, you can try, for example this plugin Dynamic Copyright Year – WordPress plugin | or check this tutorial How to Auto Update the Copyright Year in a WordPress Footer • WPShout

Thanks for these suggestions.

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