Shortcodes are not available in Elementor

Good evening,

I am using Hivepress for my side which is working just perfect.

I have created an attributer “offer” with two select values “Sale” and “Rent”.

I have creared a new page that I wanted to list items based on this attributer, so I found the relevant shortcode:

[cd_listing query=“offer:New”]

I am using Elementor to edit the page, so I am using the Shortcode widget to insert the code, but no results are showing one previewing the page.

Is there anything else that I need to do?




This doesn’t seem like HivePress shortcode, all HivePress shortcodes start with “hivepress_”, maybe it’s another listing plugin? Also, if you use Elementor then HivePress blocks should be available in it - there’s no need to use shortcodes.

Thank you for the clarification.

All blocks in Elementor seems to be available for pro version only.

Can you guide me to a document to find the relevant shortcodes for Hivepress as this what I found by researching google.



Sorry, there’s no reference because shortcodes are used as a fallback for old WordPress versions, but HivePress blocks should be registered for any Elementor version - please check if Listings, Listings Search Form, etc. blocks are available as Elementor widgets.

The block is there, but it does not allow me to filter listings based on the listing attribute. Is there anyway to specify it?

Unfortunately, there’s no other filter, but we plan to add public attributes as the block filters

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