Show all the job categories using a block

On the home page, there is a categories section (like customer service, design and graphics, etc.) However, I put a link in the bottom corner of this section saying “show all job categories” which takes me to another page I created.

On this page, I added the same job categories block from the home page. But it looks like the maximum job categories is 12. Because even though I typed 20 for the number, it’s still only showing 12.

Is there a way I can show every single job category on this job category page? More than 12?

It should actually show all the categories if the number you set is bigger than the total number of categories. Please make sure that these are top-level categories, you can also try to re-save the category that’s hidden in case if it’s a caching issue.

You’re right, I just needed to update the categories. I guess that fixed the caching issue. Thanks!

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