Show Availabilities Per Day

Hello! Is there a simple code snippet to add the availabilities left per day?? I use rental hive as an event/trip site, and it works correctly when there are 4 available slots, if only two get booked then there are only 2 slots left to be booked, however there is nothing that shows this on the front end for the users. I was hoping there would be a simple code snippet to display it in the calendar on the front end when people are trying to book the days. I have included an example of how I would like it to be displayed!

Unfortunately there’s no such calendar view for customers yet (there’s a date picker with a list of time slots), but it seems like a great UI solution, we’ll check if it’s possible to add it to the upcoming Bookings updates.

Okay! Please let me know if it’s possible, I’m willing to pay for custom work to get it faster if possible and y’all can add the work to the next update!

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Hello! Did you find out whether it is possible to add this feature??

Sorry, we haven’t found a suitable script for this yet but we’ll try to improve the booking UX in the upcoming updates for sure.

Okay, thank you. Something like this would be very helpful to show what days are available for the number of people going before they try to book!

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Do you think there is a way to do this with customizations??

Yes, anything is possible with customizations but this depends on the complexity. We temporarily can’t help with customizations because there are urgent updates for Bookings & Marketplace required, but we’ll try to research this feature further, we understand that improving the date picker UX is pretty important.

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