Show more attributes & restrict locations to a country

Hi, is there a way to make more space for hosts attributes in this area Screenshot by Lightshot ? I have 4 attributes but it only shows one or two attributes in that area.

Also, is there a way to have google map show only a single country, only a specific country ?


  1. Please assign attributes to the corresponding display area, its value will be displayed in the selected area - there are no limitations.

  2. Yes, please select a country in HivePress/Settings/Geolocation.

  1. It worked, thanks!
  2. I’ve selected some countries to restrict the location of the search results, I’ve restricted Albania and Algeria, but it doesn’t really work Screenshot by Lightshot and in ‘list a property’ page it’s the same thing.
  3. Is it possible to show the map only in a single country ? For example I want the map to show only in Belarus for example, like this Screenshot by Lightshot
    Thank you very much!
  1. Please make sure that the website is not cached, if you restrict countries it will not be possible to select locations outside these countries from a drop-down as you type, but existing listing locations will not be changed - they require an update.

  2. If you search listings, the map will be resized to markers of the available listings, so if they are limited to a specific country the map will also show this country.

I disabled litespeed cache and it still doesn’t work, I don’t know what to do :smiley:

Please send a link to your site and I’ll check it.

Please make sure that you restricted it to specific countries, when I check the source code there’s a full (or almost full) list of countries enabled for the Location field:


Please also send a screenshot of the HivePress/Settings/Geolocation setting, and let me know if there are any customizations or plugins (e.g. caching plugins) that may cause this issue.

P.S. Nice customization, can we add your site to the Showcase? Showcase | HivePress

I’ve restricted all countries, but not Romania, I want the geolocation to show only locations from Romania. I also disabled litespeed cache to see if the cache plugin was the problem, I have almost all of the hivepress plugins and the woocomerce plugin. Here are some ss with the settings from geolocation: Screenshot by Lightshot ; Screenshot by Lightshot . I can give you temporary access to the WP if you want.

Thank you very much for your feedback, the website is not completed yet, but I will tell you when to add it to the Showcase. It will be my pleasure! This is at least I can do for all the support that you guys gave me, thank you again! :slight_smile:

I guess there’s a confusion - this option is not for excluding countries, but for including - please select only Romania in HivePress/Settings/Geolocation, then only locations from Romania will appear in the location drop-down.

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