Show number of booked nights an calculate total price

When “booking request” is set to “manually accept new bookings” it would be great if the “number of booked nights” could be shown, as well as the total price for the requested booking, both in the front end to the client who is sending the booking request and in the back end to the hosts.

This is especially important when “variable pricing” is enabled with the help of the “marketplace” extension. Otherwise, the host would have to calculate the price for the booking manually before confirming the booking.

I use the market place extension only for the possibility of “variable pricing” per season, but I don´t want to process payments or automated bookings. I only charge the hosts for advertising their rental property.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to add these UX improvements as soon as possible. If you already use Marketplace, the price total price should be automatically calculated and displayed on the listing page while you change the booking form fields (e.g. dates, quantity, extras).

Hello and many thanks for your response. Yes, the price is shown for the front-end user, but only at the moment of selecting the dates. Later it is not visible anywhere, neither for the host nor the front-end user nor the admin. It would be absolutely necessary for my project to see the number of nights and the total price before accepting the booking manually. Without this information, how should the host know the amount that he has to receive from the client?

Please let me know if you use Marketplace, if so then the final price is displayed on checkout, also on the receipt (order) page in Account/Orders, both for customers and vendors. It’s currently not displayed on the booking confirmation page, but we plan to fix this as soon as possible.

Yes, I use marketplace, but only because I need the possibility to set variable pricing for different seasons. Unfortunately, this feature is not part of the booking extension, where it would be more logical for my needs.

My monetization model is based only on paid listings, not on commissions. I do not want to process automated payments.

All the booking requests are accepted manually by the host, so there is no checkout procedure where the total price could be indicated. Therefore the total price is not visible anywhere else than at the moment of selecting the dates before sending the booking request.
It would be fantastic if you could add this feature.
many thanks in advance.

Yes, unfortunately it’s not possible with requests only, and specific pricing options are added by Marketplace. There may be a workaround if you enable Cash on Delivery or other offline payment method (you can even rename these methods if required), then customers can place an order and check the full amount, but they don’t have to pay in this case.