Show number of places/slots available

I have an event setup with maximum bookings allowed of 100.

Now, if 5 are booked let’s say on 15 November 2022.

Now on the calendar on the date 15 November 2022 I want to show 97 slots available.

Please help with this.

Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for adding this, but if you’re familiar with customizations or have a developer for custom work I can provide some guidance if it helps. A possible solution is adding a custom JS script that will send an AJAX request when the booking form fields are changed, to the PHP function that calculates the number of remaining places for the selected date, and returns it. Then the JS script can insert this number somewhere in the booking form or sidebar, and refresh it again if the form fields are changed, sending another AJAX request. We have a tutorial with an example of creating a custom REST API route Create a custom HivePress extension - Developer Docs You can try using a similar one to send the AJAX requests to.

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