Show selected companies in the Top Companies section

On the front page of the site, there is a “top companies” section. But it only shows the most recently uploaded companies. I see on the edit page section I can show the top companies by “date registered, name, or random”.

But that’s none of those really represesnt “top companies”. How can I choose which companies show up in my top companies section?


Please try using the verified badge, for this, you need to mark this vendor as verified Vendors > Edit Vendor > .

This didn’t work.

I went to companies, selected the company to edit, then in the settings section I selected “mark this company as verified”. It still isn’t showing up in the top companies section.

All the companies in the top companies section are simply the most recent jobs uploaded. None of them are verified yet they are showing up (and the verified job isn’t showing up).

Please also edit the Home page, select the Companies block and check the “Display verified only” option in the block settings on the right. Then only companies that you mark as verified will appear there.

Thanks so much! That worked. Somehow I missed that checkbox.

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