Show TAX WooCommerce in the listing page

hey ive already made a post about it but it is locked. Post is: How to add taxes - #7 by andrii

as much as I understood from andrii comment “We recommend that you view the tax information on the checkout page itself since you are most likely viewing it on the listing page, where this information will not be displayed.”

that means that the vat itself will not be shown but only in the checkout. and this is breaking the law in my country. where final price should be displayed on the listing and if the checkout comes higher then the price on the listing, the lower amount is legally the amount that should be payed.

how do u suggest i deal with this, cause i want my customer’s to pay the vat and not taking it upon myself or the hosts.


Please note that VAT depends on the country and whether the client is a business or an individual, and the VAT ID is indicated on the checkout page. We can offer a workaround by adding the text e.g., taxes applicable on the listing page near the price.

I understand that vat is per country. Thats why i woulnser if its possible to set it via the plugin manually . Ive mentioned in a feature request

Can u explain further on the workaround ? Its hard for me to depict it


Sorry, but unfortunately in the current version there is no way to display the price in full with tax and fees on the listing page. But as a workaround, you can add text near the price, for example, “taxes applicable”. If this option suits you, please let us know and we will try to help.

how do i add the the text ?

Please try this PHP code snippet

	function( $fields ) {
		$fields['price']['display_template'] = '%value% (taxes applicable)';

		return $fields;

Works perfectly although ive changed the text to say that the taxes arent included.

Other then that its perfect.

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