Show the Add Listing button text on mobile

Hello community! I would like to change the appearance of this button that appears in the view from a mobile device, I would have to add text to the button.

Thank you very much in advance


I had the same problem I used the code snippet shown below.
It’s make the list a service button like this.

But I don’t know how to do the same for post a request button.
If anybody knows please help me.

Thank you

.hp-menu--site-header button span{
	display: inline !important;

.hp-menu--site-header button i:first-child{
	margin-right: 0.5rem !important;

Yes, you can try this CSS snippet:

.hp-menu--site-header .hp-menu__item--listing-submit span {
    display: inline!important;

.hp-menu--site-header .hp-menu__item--listing-submit i {
    margin-right: 0.5rem!important;

@lordcyberrr Please try the same CSS snippet but with “request-submit” instead for the Post a Request link.


@ihor Thank you so much ihor.
I already receive this upper part of the code from andrii
But thanks for the lower part of the code. It makes the button much more appealing.

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Hi! Please, how to remove the “+” icon so that the button can be smaller, especially in the mobile version?


Please try this CSS snippet:

.hp-menu--site-header button i:first-child{
	display: none;

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