Showcase? Live sites made with HivePress


I’m trying to figure out whether HivePress is suitable for my projects.

I have tried the live demos available through hivepress home page and later installed HivePress on a 000webhost test server to find more out. However, HP seems not to work with 000wh, since after playing with vendors/users, it restarts the install (which then results in a database error). I don’t mind this, I just need some more info.

I’m specifically looking for whether it is easy to customize e.q. the home page without code. Is this possible? are there any live sites for me to see how this thing really works in real life?

000webhost is not suitable. You can do one month free with Namecheap for your experiment

Thanks for your suggestion, we’re actually working on HivePress Showcase right now. We recently started collecting website URLs (previously these were not shared, only sometimes via support tickets) and we’ll add a page for real-life HivePress cases.

Awesome @ihor! Thank you. Looking forward.

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