Showing only verified and features listings/vendors

Hi! I have seen in taskhive that in the home pages there is a section of Featured Servicies and top freelancers, can you choose that those who appear in these sections are only those who pay for having the pro badge or those who pay for highlighting their ads? Thank you!

Also I want to know a few things more… It is possible to feature requests?? Will I have any problem adding plugins other than hivepress?

Yes, if you edit these blocks it’s possible to check the “Show featured listings only” and “Show verified vendors only” checkboxes, this way you can show only featured listings How to monetize featured listings - HivePress Help Center and verified vendors (these can’t be monetized yet, you can only mark verified vendors manually). Featuring requests is not possible yet, but we’ll consider adding this feature.
Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee compatibility with all the WordPress plugins (there are thousands of them, with different frameworks and APIs so there’s always a chance of conflict), but you can try installing the plugins required for your site (please keep the installed plugins to a minimum to prevent performance & security issues).

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